Top 10 Really Fast Loading Blogger Templates, Themes

Top 10 Really Fast Loading Blogger Templates, Themes तंत्रज्ञान 

मित्रांनो ज्यांना वेबसाईटची स्पीड मिळत नाही, त्यांनी या थीमचा वापर करावा. एकदा वापरून बघा, फायदा होईल. पूर्ण लेख वाचा लक्षात येतील.
most of the bloggers start their blogging career with Google's own product Blogger. Because the Blogger is simple and anyone can easily customise the themes and the most profitable business here is that, you need not buy any hosting (Lifetime Hosting is Free) and SSL certificate- meant for the security purpose. Other blog platform users have to pay about 5000 to 10000 Rupees per year just for these two things. But the drawback in the Blogger is that, limited templates and no additional plug-ins for boosting speed of the website and search engine optimization (SEO). That's why it's very difficult for the Blogger users to maintain the SPEED and SEO. In This topic I am going to discuss the fast loading blogger templates. Because I personally have faced the problem and I have practically overcome the issue to much extent.

All these templates are SEO friendly, Fast loading and Responsive. For better ranking the content is the most important factor, but the loading speed of the site on the desktop and mobile device must be in the range 50-89 or more. You can check the speed on this Google's website.

Let's Check the top 10 Fast Loading Blogger Templates which have acquired the speed range above 50 to 100 on mobile and desktop. These free of cost templates are available on gooyaabitemplates, templetify, templateyard, sora etc... But I am going to link to download the xml files. All the themes are fast loading irrespective of the serial number given as follows.

1. SEO Fast- This is the top most fast loading blogger template. On both mobile and on desktop the template acquires the speed above 80 to 100. Its responsive, seo friendly and fast loading. But you have to give some for customization. If you use Adsense for monetization, after the SEO friendly articles/contents, you require only and only speed of the website. So it's very very important. To Download click here-

2. Faster- Free, Responsive, Fast Loading Blogger Template. It's one of the most useful and fast loading blogger templates. You can customise the template as per requirements. Just go to Blogger Dashboard and customise the template, no one will get an idea what template you are using. The link is here. Download from here-

3. Fastest- This template is also Free, Responsive, Fast Loading one. Just customize according to your niche. No matter your niche is news or other informative one. You should consider this template. To Download click here-

4. NewSpeed- Very good theme and has dark mode option also. After running the adsense ads the template loads fast. Just you have to customize the theme according to niche and give a good look by color combination. This theme is specially designed for the news website. But one can use it for other niches also. To Download click here-
5. SEO Impact- This one as its name suggests. Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role in the blog or the websites. This template is optimised for search engines and crawlers. So one should think about this theme also. To Download click here-

6. Easy News- In our test the template also gained the loading speed above 80. So it's a useful one. The important thing is that you must customize it before final publishing the site. To Download click here-

7. Future Mag- The template is designed for the news and magazine sites. Seeing all the factors of load of the news contents, photos, videos on the site, the template has been crafted to bear the load. So it's a useful one. This template is also responsive, ads and seo friendly. To Download click here-

8. Minifast- This is also one of the fastest loading templates. In our testing it's speed was recorded 80 to 100 on both mobile and desktop. Very nice theme and perfectly defined as simple is beautiful. After adsense approval we need only fast loading speed. If the pages took much time, the audience will read our article, news before the ads load.
And without viewing the ads the audience will quit the page. So speed matters much more. To Download click here-

9. Magify- Speedy, responsive and ads friendly theme. The free version of the theme is also fast and stylish one. Like the Future mag, Newspeed this theme is also one of the stylished with speed. It's simple and boxed groups are attractive and there are many options to customise the menu bar according to the sub-topics of the niche. To Download click here-
10. Superfast- The last but not least theme as its name suggests is fast loading one. Free, Responsive, Fast Loading Blogger Template, ads and seo friendly. Must to try once because the speed matters to load the ads and the contents of the site. To Download click this link-

Friends all these are free themes and if you wish to spend some bucks you can try the paid versions from the respective sellers.

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